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Report 2018

Creating more Brain Space

Novozymes prioritizes our employees and endeavors to offer the safest and healthiest workplaces possible. Our ability to grow and contribute to a better world relies on our ability to help our employees grow professionally and personally. What better way to achieve this than by encouraging and empowering employees to prioritize their brain health?

In August 2018, we launched a global internal initiative called Brain Space. The initiative aims to sharpen focus on how our employees care for their wellbeing, emphasizing the importance of “brain breathers” and giving employees the tools and knowledge to allow their minds to recharge and thrive in a fastpaced digital work environment.


“Our company is based on our collective knowledge. We’re always innovating, sharing new ideas and constantly engaged,” says Marianne Bie Frydendahl, Vice President, Quality, Environment & Safety. “Our brains are our greatest assets, but they need a break too.” 


“We’re always innovating, sharing new ideas and constantly engaged. Our brains are our greatest assets, but they need a break too.”

Responsibility for taking care of their brain does not rest solely on the shoulders of each employee. We are also looking to make company-wide changes that encourage employees to adopt healthier habits at work, such as avoiding distractions in the form of computer and phone notifications. Furthermore, we encourage teams to discuss their availability or nonavailability outside normal work hours.


Brain Space has been very well received by our employees across the globe. Employees are fully engaged, and many areas are already working with Brain Space in their teams.


“We want all employees to develop good habits that stick. Brain Space is an ongoing initiative at Novozymes to make sure employees have the support and knowledge they need to protect their brain health,” concludes Marianne Bie Frydendahl.


Marianne Bie Frydendahl
Vice President
Quality, Environment & Safety

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