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Novozymes in a nutshell

Novozymes is the global market leader in biological solutions, producing a wide range of industrial enzymes and microorganisms. We use nature’s problem solvers to help customers produce more from less, adapt to market changes, make their products stand out and reduce costs. We simply enable customers to deliver better products.

Sustainability comes naturally


The world’s population is growing, but its natural resources are not. This disparity has prompted a worldwide call to action to find sustainable solutions capable of easing the burden on our planet and getting the most out of the resources we have available.


Novozymes’ innovative biological solutions are applied to a wide range of products, from detergents and biofuelsLiquid fuels produced from primary crops or biomass such as sugarcane, grains, agricultural residues, algae and household waste. They are typically used to replace gasoline and diesel in transportation. One of the advantages of biofuels is that they are the only existing liquid alternative to fossil fuels. to agricultural crops and food-processing aids. Our products help reduce waste and save energy, water and raw material use.


Sustainability is a key characteristic of biological solutions and is imbedded in the way we do business. In 2017 alone, Novozymes’ solutions helped customers save an estimated 76 million tons of CO2. That is equivalent to taking 32 million cars off the road.


World-class innovations deliver results


We continuously search for new and better bioinnovations – and research is at the heart of everything we do.


Each year, we put 13% of our revenue back into R&D, to turn biology into business opportunities across industries. 23% of our employees work in R&D, and in 2017 alone we launched eight new innovations.


"Sustainability is a key characteristic of biological solutions and is imbedded in the way we do business."

Novozymes’ first new freshness & hygiene solution tackles persistent stains

Sweat. Dirt. Nobody wants this unavoidable grime on their body – or on their clothes. Thankfully, Novozymes’ new freshness & hygiene solutions are on hand. Read the article

Small components that make a big difference

What are microorganisms?

Microorganisms are living, single-celled organisms such as fungi or bacteria. Like enzymes, Novozymes’ microorganisms have natural properties that infuence processes and reactions. The industrial applications for microorganisms are countless. For example, microbes expand the farmer’s toolkit to increase yield and protect crops. Microbes are also the source of the enzymes we produce. They are found in diverse environments – from agricultural felds to extreme environments such as volcanoes and frozen lakes. Each environment yields diferent microorganisms and enzymes, providing natural diversity where new enzymes and microbes suited to diferent uses and conditions can be found.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts, aiding complex reactions that occur in all living systems. This is nature’s own way of kick-starting biological processes. When one substance needs to be transformed into another, nature uses enzymes to speed up and control the process. With Novozymes’ expertise, enzymes can be used on an industrial scale to optimize output, deliver better products and accelerate processes, while saving water, energy and raw materials.

Where do our solutions make a difference?

Animal health & nutrition
Improve animal health, growth and feed utilization
Health & nutrition
Make foods safer by removing carcinogenic and allergenic ingredients
Improve softness, freshness and dough strength
Increase yields and improve clarity of juice
Produce sustainable energy from crops or waste
Prepare, degrease and tan leather more efficiently
Improve filtration and flavor of beer and ensure raw material optimization
Oils & fats
Harden fats without unhealthy trans-fatty acids
Remove tough stains and enable low-temperature washing
Pulp & paper
Reduce water, energy and chemical consumption in pulp and paper production
Biological solutions for agriculture (BioAg)
Improve crop yield and health
Improve yield and reduce costs of drug production
Support improved growth, survival and disease resistance
Produce sugar syrups more simply and efficiently
Work as processing aids
Save time, water, energy and chemicals in textile production
Wastewater treatment
Make wastewater treatment facilities more efficient

Product launches in 2017

  • Q1


    • Acceleron® B-200 SAT

      By enabling additional upstream treatment in soybeans, this enhanced isoflavonoid stimulates beneficial microbe growth in the soil and improves nutritional uptake, enhancing plant health.

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  • Q1


    • Spirizyme® T

      An advanced suite of glucoamylases that free up residual sugar in corn so that it can be fermented into ethanol, thereby increasing ethanol yield.

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  • Q2


    • Medley® 2.0

      The second generation of our multienzyme solution for laundry detergents. This plug-and-play solution ensures strong, stable wash performance and stain removal, as well as cost savings due to easier handling for detergent producers.

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  • Q2


    • Progress® excel

      A new premium liquid detergent enzyme that enables superior wash performance at all temperatures.

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  • Q4


    • Palmora®

      Our first solution for the palm oil industry, which improves yield and plant performance for palm oil producers.

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  • Q4


    • Frontia®

      A new technology for grain-milling customers that delivers better yields and reduces energy consumption in wheat- and corn-milling operations.

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  • Q4


    • Progress® In

      A new enzymatic solution to help detergent producers in emerging markets develop better detergents. Progress® In is Novozymes’ first product designed specifically for the broad market of unpenetrated detergents.

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  • Q4


    • Freshness & hygiene

      We have launched the first groundbreaking solution from the freshness & hygiene platform in Household Care. It deep cleans laundry by removing complex body soils that build up over time and are an underlying cause of malodor and textile graying.

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