Report 2018
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Report 2018

Novozymes and the Sustainable Development Goals

Novozymes is the global market leader in biological solutions, producing a wide range of industrial enzymes and microorganisms. The intrinsically sustainable nature of Novozymes’ products enables us to contribute to many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015.

Novozymes’ purpose and long-term targets are inspired by the SDGs. The sustainable nature of our solutions means that we contribute to achieving the SDGs every day. We assess the potential impact on the SDGs of all the projects in our innovation pipeline. This enables us to advance solutions that have the potential to have a high impact on the SDGs. In 2018, Novozymes set up the SDG Governance Board to build a shared understanding of SDG opportunities and risks, and to ensure that this knowledge is embedded in corporate strategy and targets.


Below are six examples where Novozymes’ technology and actions can deliver significant contributions to the SDGs.

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