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Report 2018

Feeling fresh?

You have just done a load of laundry. Although your clothes may look clean, they smell musty when you put them on. Novozymes’ new freshness products can help solve the problem.

Toward the end of 2017, Novozymes launched our most significant Household Care innovation in years. Part of a range of products within our freshness platform, this solution offers a whole new dimension in clean, tackling the dirt and grime hiding beneath the surface of fabrics and removing malodors.


These stains are a persistent problem for consumers worldwide. By eliminating trapped dirt and other substances, our freshness products have the power to prevent the malodors that tend to form on laundry. 


The freshness range offers solutions that are effective at low temperatures. Just as importantly, these solutions also work on today’s synthetic textiles.


In 2018, the freshness solution was successfully launched in the emerging marketsMarkets that are becoming more advanced, usually by means of rapid growth and industrialization.. It has already started contributing to growth and will be rolled out in more markets in 2019 and over the coming years. 


“We’re seeing strong interest from our customers and, judging by what they say, they’re very excited about the way these solutions can tackle some of their own customers’ stickiest pain points,” says Anders Lund, Executive Vice President, Household Care & Technical.


“We’re seeing strong interest from our customers and, judging by what they say, they’re very excited about the way these solutions can tackle some of their own customers’ stickiest pain points.”

Anders Lund
Executive Vice President
Household Care & Technical

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