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Report 2018

Building awareness about saving our main source of life – water

Novozymes runs our community engagement activities in interactive ways to educate communities about sustainability challenges.

Cia de Teatro Parafernália, a theater company based in Mogi Guaçu (São Paulo, Brazil), is running one of our EDUCATE initiatives, a play called “Água a Vista,” or “Water at Sight.” The project educates communities about how to take care of the world we live in and work toward building a sustainable world. Our project is primarily focused on preserving water for future generations. In 2018, approximately 18,000 people across 10 cities in the states of Paraná and São Paulo saw this play performed in educational and cultural institutions.

We spoke with Viviane Castelinai, President of Cia de Teatro Parafernália, to find out more about the project.

How do you educate communities about preserving water?

We believe that education plays a fundamental role in building awareness regarding the importance of natural resources. We communicate this message in an entertaining and interactive manner by performing a play which focuses on the importance of water, how to preserve it and the consequences of not saving our main source of life. The play is free to attend and is performed in different forums, such as theaters, schools, colleges, cultural fairs, communities and cultural centers. The initiative impacts students, teachers, coordinators and communities.

How did Novozymes help?

In addition to financial sponsorship, Novozymes played an important role in building the content of the play and helping us expand our reach of institutions.

What has the response been from teachers and students?

The response has been outstanding. We have received positive feedback from everyone, because the play establishes direct and efficient communication with the audience. It focuses on critical issues that must be understood and openly discussed.
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