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Enzymes catering to health trends

Consumers are increasingly interested in foods that are healthier and more natural without compromising on taste.

At Novozymes, we believe that by researching and anticipating trends in the food and beverage industry, we can create solutions for the consumer concerns of today – and tomorrow.


This strategy has delivered on three key food trends: the desire to reduce lactose, acrylamideA chemical compound that forms naturally when starchy foods are processed at high temperatures, such as when they are fried or baked. A suspected health risk. and trans fats.


Lowering lactose

According to the US National Laboratory of Medicine, an estimated 65% of the world’s population has some degree of lactose intolerance. Novozymes has the solution.


In 2016, we launched Saphera®, an innovative lactase that gives dairy product producers the versatility to create high-quality, lactose-free products at the same time as cutting back on added sugar.


“People perceive products with low levels of lactose and sugar to be better for them,” says Andrew Fordyce, Executive Vice President, Food & Beverages. “Saphera® helps producers meet the lactose-free and reduced-sugar trends at the same time.”


“People perceive products with low levels of lactose and sugar to be better for them. Saphera® helps producers meet the lactose-free and reduced-sugar trends at the same time.”


Attacking acrylamide

Many of the food products we eat every day, from cornflakes and biscuits to french fries, contain the substance acrylamide, which forms naturally when starchy foods are processed at high temperatures.


Despite occurring naturally, acrylamide has a dark side – it is a suspected carcinogen. Fortunately, Novozymes predicted the need to find solutions to the acrylamide problem several years ago.


In 2007, we introduced Acrylaway®, which reduces the acrylamide content of foods commonly processed at high temperatures by as much as 95%. Legislation is now catching up with science and, in 2018, the European Union tightened regulations on acrylamide in food and beverages. Acrylaway® is used in more than 30 countries today across a range of industrially produced foods.


Tricking trans fats

Who can resist crispy fries, crumbly cookies or crunchy popcorn? But many fried foods and baked goods contain trans fats and, while we may crave them, they are unfortunately bad for our health. Legislation against trans fats is catching up with food manufacturers. Fortunately, there is a solution: enzymesProteins that act as catalysts, helping to convert one substance into another..


“Enzymes can help producers make healthier fats without the use of harsh chemicals. Right now, Novozymes has a well-proven enzymatic solution that producers are picking up on,” continues Andrew Fordyce. 


Trend trackers

Macro- and industry trends impact Novozymes and highlight the need for innovation and strong positioning of our solutions. To ensure long-term success, Novozymes monitors and tracks macro- and industry trends with the potential to drive or hinder growth in each of our end markets.

Andrew Fordyce
Executive Vice President
Food & Beverages
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